Civis vetőmag
− Abundant Crops −


Belonging to ripening category C1, it is a late marrowfat variety. The plant is 60-90 cm high and yellowish green with large and slightly serrated leaves.
The stipules are large and slightly mottled or not mottled at all.
It flowers late after the 65-68th day. The flowers are cream-coloured. The first flowers appear on the 14-15th node.
The 9-10 cm long, wide pods are medium green with rounded ends.It brings 1-2 pods per node. Each pod contains 7-9 pea seeds.
The number of pods per plant is 4-5.
The seeds inside the pods are medium green and the majority of them is 12-14 mm in size. A thousand green seeds weight is 570-590 grams.
Dry seeds are large and irregularly shaped, their surface is wrinkled. A thousand seed weight is 290-310 grams. The ripening period of the dry seeds is between 99-100 days.
Resistant to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. pisi, breed 1.