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Lincoln/Climax/Green Feast

Belonging to ripening category C1, it is a late marrowfat variety. The plant is 60-70 cm high.

The medium-sized leaves are dark green.

It flowers at the same time as the variety Green Arrow/BR-52. The first flowers appear on the 13-14th node by two. Its flowering is a bit long lasting.

The slightly curved and dark green pods are 9-10 cm long and they have pointed ends.

Each pod carries 8-10 large seeds which are medium green and the majority has a 10 mm diameter.

A thousand green seed weight is 520 grams.

Dry, ripe seeds are wrinkled, marrowfat and yellowish green. Their thousand seed weight is 230 grams.

This variety is resistant to Fusarium wilt.Чехунов Денисанглийский для детей