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Kelvedon csodája/Kelvedon/Kelvedon Wonder/Green Cross

Belonging to ripening category B1, it is an early marrowfat variety. The plant is 45-60 cm high with dark green and slightly serrated leaves.

The stipules are medium -sized and moderately mottled.

It flowers early after the 57th day. The colour of the flowers varies between white and cream. The first flowers appear on the 8-9th node.

The 7-8 cm long pods are medium green and they have pointed ends. It brings 1-2 pods per node.

Each plant brings 5-6 pods.

Inside the pods the pea seeds are medium green, the majority of the green seeds belongs to the 8-9 mm size category.

A thousand green seeds weight is 470-490 grams.

Dry seeds are wrinkled and cylinder-shaped. A thousand seed weight is 210-230 grams.

The ripening period of the dry seeds is 88 days.

Susceptible to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp.pisi.