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Debreceni világoszöld / Debrecen Light Green / Dollar / Lina

This is a round variety belonging to an Early Ripening Category (A2). The plant is 35-45 cm high with medium green, slightly mottled and medium-sized leaves. The stipules are relatively large and intensely mottled.

This variety brings flowers at the same time when the variety Rajnai Törpe/Petit Provencal does. The first flowers appear on the 7-8th node and it brings 1-2 medium-sized flowers per node.

The light green, straight pods have pointed ends and they are 8-10 cm long. Each pod carries 8-10 light green seeds. The size of the seeds varies between 9-11 mm. The ripe, dry seeds are round seeds, a thousand seed weight is 240-280 grams.

Usage: garden cultivation.