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Debreceni sötétzöld/Debrecen Dark Green

It is a semi-early ripening round variety, its ripening category is B1. The plant is 45-55 cm high. Its light green leaves are narrower than the leaves of the variety Debrecen Light Green. The stipules are moderately mottled. The height of the plant is not uniform. Its flowering is long lasting and the pods keep appearing continuously.

It starts to flower 2-3 days later than the varieties Debrecen Light Green and Rajnai törpe/Petit Provencal and its flowering is long-lasting. The first flowers appear on the 9-10th node and it brings 1-2 flowers per node. Flowers are of medium size. The dark green, curved pods have pointed ends and they are 7-8 cm long. The colour of the seeds is dark green. Each pod carries 7-8 pea seeds, 9-10 mm in size each.

The ripe, dry seeds are round seeds, a thousand seed weight is 200-250 grams.

Usage: garden cultivation.