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Debreceni apró

It is a semi-late ripening round variety with big productiveness. Heat units: 830 oC. It grows steadily, developing a little bit compact, bushy type plant and small and medium-green leaves. The plant is 50-60 cm high, not inclined to have offsets and tolerates thick seeding well.

Flowers are small-sized and white, appearing on each node by two. The first flowers appear on the 12-13th node.

The medium-green pods are slightly curved and have pointed ends. The pods are 7 cm

long, 1 cm wide and carry 7-9 seeds. It is a variety for the processing industry with a concentrated ripening. The colour of the green pea seeds is medium-green and their size is tiny. It requires fast harvesting as it is tender only for 2-3 days.

Sizing of the green pea seeds:

6 mm and smaller          11,4%

7 mm                              37.9%

8 mm                              37.0%

9 mm                              13.7%