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Civis Seed Kft. was established in December 1991. Upon its foundation, its main activity included the production and trade of seeds. The company produced hundreds of varieties of 17 species (peas, beans, corn, sunflower, wheat, vegetables and industrial bird-feed) in several counties on nearly 2000 hectares. When the company was founded, its managers and employers had already possessed several decades of professional and practical experience in seed business.

As of 1998, Civis Seed Kft. specialized solely on the production and wholesale of pea seeds. With regard to the number of pea seed varieties, our company is a market leader not only in Hungary but in Europe, as well. The 30-40 varieties of pea seeds produced by our company are sold as:

  • garden peas for retail trade,
  • green peas for the freezing and canning industry,
  • fodder crop and bird seeds.

Our range of pea seeds consists of the best-yielding American, British, German, Dutch and Hungarian varieties of the world.

Our products are supplied to numerous Hungarian wholesalers and retailers for repacking and nearly half of our crops are sold abroad. Our company has been exporting to 15 countries of the world: Morocco, Jordan, Israel, Tunisia, Algeria, Serbia and to such exotic countries as New-Zealand and Pakistan, whereas within the European Union Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Great-Britain, France, Germany and Romania are our target countries.

Civis Seed Kft.

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